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Creative Director: Nathan Sousa & Roberto Hideo | Styling: Marcelo Martins  |  Coordinator: Alessandra Emy | Executive production: Casa de Criadores | Style Assistants: Laila Amorim | Photography: Bela Gregorio | Soundtrack: Rita Comparato e Aline Taleban. 


Closer is Better Collection

 The references for the development of the project come from the fictional literature of the 1960's, which had a profound effect and influence upon the imagination of society. During this time, many fiction authors were able to take the reader to different kinds of parallel universes. In considering the role of a person's imagination and the relationship between reality and fiction, importance lies in deeply exploring the two most relevant definitions of imagination: creating and reproducing. Both conceptions, regardless of either their fictional or their real character, can conceive objects, generate living forms and transform one’s surroundings through experiences. In order to make these actions come true it's necessary to mediate between our different senses such as sight, touch, taste, smell and also intuition. Even though this sometimes goes against reason, it can amplify the manner of knowing and heighten our perception of the real world. Accordingly to that, the collection is based on the wishes of the people who converge in the search of proximity that stimulate emotional bonds, found in common affairs.
 To live is to relive moments that multiply natural experiences. To Rescue and share knowledge or emotions allows that each person to extend themselfs, creating true affective bonds. The silhouettes of the collection have voluminous and rounded shapes, using basically the same proportion of volume, expanding the format of the body in a few moments of the collection, referring to approach and stimulate the touch.
Closer is Better Moodboard


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